As an authorised reseller and service provider, Dead Simple IT Solutions is able to offer its clients the ability to procure Hardware & Software at extremely competitive rates.


Dead Simple IT Solutions can advise clients of general specifications, compatibility of hardware products and components, software licensing requirements and assurance agreements, as well as end-of-life, discontinued or phase-out product lines. We can buy direct from distributors and quote all major vendor brands along with a large range of computer equipment for just about every task.


* Application Software

* Archival/Network Attached Storage

* Business Desktop PCs/Workstations/Thin Clients

* Business Notebook PCs/Tablet

* Developer Tools

* Handheld Devices/PDA

* Industry Standard Servers

* Management Systems

* Messaging

* Networking Products/Ethernet Connectivity

* Print & Digital Imaging Products

* SAN Infrastructure

* Security

* Vendor Brand Licensing

* Web Services Management


Although our online shopping portal has an extensive product range of over 45,000 items, this accounts for only 30% of all the products we can source.


If you are after a particular product and would like a quote, please call us on (02) 4952 3754 or email


At Dead Simple IT Solutions, we can assess your situation and provide you with a backup solution to match your circumstances.

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We buy from the same wholesaler the big stores do but have lower overheads