Virus Removal

Does your computer seem sick? Think you have a virus? Malicious software may be to blame.


Incredibly we still come across many small businesses who don't have even the most basic anti-virus/spam protection. Whilst having this software is no guarantee, having some form of protection with greatly reduce the risk. It is a much more complicated task to 'clean' a computer that has been infected, and as the saying goes "prevention is better than cure".


We can help out with virus / spyware / adware removal / data recovery but more importantly, we can supply & install a full range anti-virus & anti-spam solution options.


At Dead Simple IT Solutions, we can assess your situation and provide you with a solution to match your circumstances.


A Dead Simple IT Solutions consultant is available for an obligation free consultation during business hours by calling (02) 4952 3754 or by emailing to determine how best to maximise your company’s IT potential.


NB: This service is only available to our Newcastle based clients.

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