Web & DNS Hosting

What is Email, Web & DNS Hosting? Why would I use it for my business?


Email, Web & DNS Hosting is simply where these internet services are kept (or hosted) on a service providers equipment. You then rent these services and access them through a web login to make any necessary changes.


Hosted email allows you to link a domain name and then add/remove email addresses whenever you want.


Web Hosting allows you to setup your own web site.


DNS Hosting allows you to very easily make changes to you own DNS records as required.


Having your web presence is really important in our modern tech savy world. People look for information at all hours of the day and night often.


At Dead Simple IT Solutions, we can assess your situation and provide you with a solution to match your circumstances.


A Dead Simple IT Solutions consultant is available for an obligation free consultation during business hours by calling (02) 4952 3754 or by emailing info@deadsimpleit.com.au to determine how best to maximise your company’s IT potential.

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